Build Your Web Site with Template Express

Building a website with our Template Express is child's play and does not take more than 10 minutes to get your website going. What's more, all this is done for FREE and with no web design experience.

When you take hosting from us, we provide you with your very own control panel (cpanel). To start building your website you have to login to the cpanel and click on Fantastico De Luxe (on the very bottom of the page).

Fantastico give you the power to install a lot of free software's like blogs, ecommerce, guest books etc with just a few clicks. Once you are on the Fantastico page, you can scroll down to a section called "Site Builder" and click on Template Express.

From there you can click "New Installation" and begin with your website.

After clicking on "New Installation" you will be presented with many different categories such as Business, Fashion, Sports etc. Choose the category which suits the nature of your website... for e.g. if you choose business, you will see a bunch of different templates.

From here, simply choose a template and your website is ready in 2 minutes. To edit the pages you will need to be able to edit some HTML but that is very simple.

Click this link for detail information on our blog on How to install Template Express.

  • Various Payment Options

    Pay online via Net Banking / PayPal / Credit Card / Debit Card and have your account activated instantly. You can also pay via cheque or deposit cash in our bank account, and have your account activated in 6-12 hours.

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